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Name position Faculty/Department Subject of research
MICHAELA MANKE Professor Department of Intercultural Studies・Division of Intercultural Studies Literature and Gender,Japanese literature (Modern Poems),...
MASAAKI MASAAKI Professor Department of Human Sciences・Division of Childhood Education 物性物理学,X線による構造解析
MIYAHARA AKIRA Professor Department of Foreign Language Studies・Division of Foreign Language Studies 受療行動を促進し、効果的に行うための、医療者と患者・家族...
NODA TOSHIYASU Professor Department of Law・Division of International Relations Law Urbanization and Participatory Development Process for Hu...
TABARU NAOMI Professor Department of Human Sciences・Division of Psychology 職場のチーム・コミュニケーションがチームの効果性へ及ぼす...

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