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For the search "Law" through research field data24hits.

Name position Faculty/Department Subject of research
ARITA KENJI Professor Department of Law・Division of Law 労働契約論,雇用保障法,イギリス労働法,従業員代表制
FUKUNAGA SHUNSUKE Professor Department of Law・Division of Law 共犯論、共謀共同正犯、共謀共同正犯をめぐる手続上の問題、...
FUKUURA IKUMI Professor Department of Commerce・Division of Commerce 所得概念と租税法の交錯,EDP Accounting Law
HAMASAKI FUMI Professor School of Law・School of Law
HIRAI SAWAKO Professor Department of Law・Division of Law Discrimination in the Judiciary,Human Trafficking,Study o...
ISHIMORI HISAHIRO Professor Department of Law・Division of Law,School of Law・School of Law 【科研分担課題】行政争訟制度の新たな地平-個別行政法から...
KAMATANI MAFUMI Associate Professor Department of Law・Division of International Relations Law 国際会社法,国際離婚後の扶養・子の引渡し,外国判決の承認執...

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