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For the search "K" through character button data37hits.

Name position Faculty/Department Subject of research
KADOTA RIYO Professor Department of Human Sciences・Division of Childhood Education Professional Development Curriculum and Instruction in T...
KAKIGI, Nobuyuki Professor Department of Intercultural Studies・Division of Intercultural Studies
KAMATANI MAFUMI Associate Professor Department of Law・Division of International Relations Law 国際会社法,国際離婚後の扶養・子の引渡し,外国判決の承認執...
KAMEI KEITA Associate Professor Department of Economics・Division of International Economics
KANAMARU EIKO Professor Department of Theology・Division of Theology 教会史,欧米におけるバプテスト派の歴史とアイデンティティー...
KANEKO YUKIO Professor Department of Foreign Language Studies・Division of Foreign Language Studies Englishness in the latter half of the 19th and the former...
KANENAWA HATSUMI Professor Department of Intercultural Studies・Division of Intercultural Studies 中国少数民族の文化と変容 少数民族文化の保存活動

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