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For the search "A" through character button data6hits.

Name position Faculty/Department Subject of research
ABE KAZUHIKO Professor Department of Human Sciences・Division of Social Welfare 子どもと家庭福祉,how should be shelter at child guidance ...
ANDO HANAE Professor Department of Human Sciences・Division of Psychology 演劇俳優の熟達化,演劇俳優における熟達支援
ANRAKU KAZUO Professor Department of Human Sciences・Division of Childhood Education 確率モデルの母数に順序情報があるときの統計的推測論,Statis...
ARITA KENJI Professor Department of Law・Division of Law 労働契約論,雇用保障法,イギリス労働法,従業員代表制
ASADACHI KOTARO Associate Professor Department of Intercultural Studies・Division of Intercultural Studies 19世紀アメリカ政治史
JEAN-LUC AZRA Professor Department of Foreign Language Studies・Division of Foreign Language Studies 社会学,日仏比較文化,文学,言語教育,フランス語会話教育法,言...

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