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Public discourse, seminar, tutorial, course, lecture and others 国連・国際法委員会(普遍的な国際法理解の構築は成功してきたのか?) 科研費研究基盤(A)「国境を越える立憲主義の成立可能性と国際法・憲法の基本概念」 2018/12/02
Oral presentation(general) 国際法信念体系の現象学的還元 九州国際法学会第 182 回例会 2018/12/01
Public discourse, seminar, tutorial, course, lecture and others 国連国際法委員会(ILC)第70会期審議報告(担当:慣習国際法の同定、一般国際法の強行規範(ユス・コーゲンス)、国家責任に関する国家承継、今会期の全般的評価) 国際法研究会(外務省) 2018/09/28
Oral presentation(general) 域外的な送達・証拠収集に関する国際公法理論からの現代的考察 国際法学会 2018 年度(第 121 年次)研究大会 2018/09/05
Oral presentation(general) グローバル立憲秩序における兄弟愛の再発見-世界人権宣言最終三条に封印された価値- 九州国際法学会第179回例会 2018/03/24
Oral presentation(general) Expert Comment: Populist Backlash against Global Constitutionalism: Re-democratising the Trinitarian Mantra? Kyoto Lecture by Professor Kumm ‘Global Constitutionalism and Human Rights’, Ritsumeikan University 2018/01/18
Oral presentation(general) Fraternité Redivivus? Human Rights as Populist Potentiality Populism, Nationalism and Human Rights, Maastricht University 2018/01/11
Public discourse, seminar, tutorial, course, lecture and others 国際公法の公共性の探求-地域共通憲法からグローバル公法秩序へ- 科研「基盤研究Bグローバル化に伴う領域横断的法学研究・教育の課題と可能性」研究会 2017/08/29
Public discourse, seminar, tutorial, course, lecture and others 経済発展の枠組におけるアジア人権保障-Homo Juridicus or Homo Oeconomicus?- 科研「基盤研究A『憲法の国際化』と『国際法の憲法化』の交錯下における新たな人権保障システム理論の構築」研究会 2017/07/30
Oral presentation(general) The Role of Domestic Courts in Transitional Justice I-CON-S 2017 Conference in Copenhagen 2017/07/05
Oral presentation(general) Control de convencionalidad Coloquio Iberoamericano Encuentro de Expertos: Implementación de las decisiones SIDH. Impacto de control de convencionalidad, MPIL, Heidelberg 2017/07/03
Public discourse, seminar, tutorial, course, lecture and others Toward the African Court of Human and Peoples’ Rights in the Truest Sense: Its First Judgment Concerning Indigenous People in the Ogieks Case Max Planck Institute of International Law, Referentenbesprechung 2017/07/03
Oral presentation(general) The Pouvoir Constituant under the “Imposed” Constitution of Japan: Internationalized Revolutionary Power or Nationalist Devolutionary Power? Conference on Imposed Constitution: Aspect of Imposed Constitutionalism, Nicosia, Cyprus 2017/05/05
Oral presentation(general) The Relationship between Financial Actors Exercising Public Authority and Victims of Covenants Rights Violations Interaction between Human Rights: 50 Years of the Covenants, INTRAlaw Colloquium, Aarhus University, Denmark 2016/09/29
Oral presentation(general) Opinio juris as (the Ultimate) International Secondary Rule of Recognition 2016 European Society of International Law Research Forum, Istanbul, Turkey 2016/04/21
Oral presentation(general) Interpretive Techniques of Human Rights Courts as Constitutional Courts: Fragmented Constitutionalization or Constitutional Fragmentation? The 44th Annual Conference of the Canadian Council on International Law, Ottawa, Canada 2015/11/05
Oral presentation(general) Distribution of Powers between Constitutional and Ordinary Courts for the Conventionality Control of Domestic Law: Decentralization and Recentralization The International Conference on International Law and Domestic Politics, Ankara, Turkey 2015/10/30
Oral presentation(general) 地域的人権条約の発展的解釈-プロ・ホミネ原則を媒介とした普遍的人権保障への架橋- 国際法学会2015年度研究大会 2015/09/10
Poster presentation The Conventionality Control of Domestic Acts: Constitutionalization of International Adjudication and Internationalization of Constitutional Adjudication The 11th Annual Conference of the European Society of International Law, Oslo, Norway 2015/09/10
Symposium workshop panel(nominated) The Relationship between Conventionality and Constitutionality Control: Comparative Analysis on the American and European Conventions on Human Rights Workshop on Comparative Constitutional Law, University of Milan (in collaboration with the Younger Comparativists Committee of the American Society of Comparative Law), Italy 2015/05/04
Other Article 53 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU in European Multilevel Human Rights Protection: The Principle of Primacy of EU Law vs the pro homine Principle? 2015 European Union Centre Asia-Pacific: Graduate Research Workshop, Jeju National University Law School, South Korea 2015/02/06

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