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Publication date Title of presented paper Joint authors Journal name Volume/issue page Remarks
2020 Access to Information/Justice/Remedies and Social Rights Yota Negishi Christina Binder, Flávia Piovesan, Amaya Úbeda de Torres and Jane A. Hofbauer (eds.), Research Handbook on International Law and Social Rights (Edward Elgar, forthcoming) only
2020 The Forgotten Principle of Fraternité: Re-interpreting the Last Three Articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Yota Negishi Kasey McCall-Smith, Andrea Birdsall and Elisenda Casanas Adam (eds), Human Rights in Times of Transition (Edward Elgar, forthcoming)
2020 Fraternité (Dé-) Naissante: Populist Potentialities of Human Rights Yota Negishi Jure Vidmar (ed.), Populism, Nationalism and Human Rights (Brill, forthcoming) only
2019/06 The Supremacy of International Law vs. Japanese Fundamental Principles: Internationalised Constitutional (R)Evolutions Professor Hajime Yamamoto (Keio University)) Fulvio M. Palombino (ed.), Duelling for Supremacy: International Law vs. National Fundamental Principles (Cambridge University Press, 2019) joint
2019/04 判例解説:民間会社との雇用契約と外交免除(東京地裁平成30年2月28日判決) 根岸陽太 平成30年度重要判例解説 only
2019/04 判例評釈:23. 公正な裁判とノンルフールマン原則-Othman (Abu Qatada) v the United Kingdom 2012) 小畑郁・江島晶子・北村泰三・立石真公子・戸波江二編『ヨーロッパ人権裁判所の判例II」(信山社、2019年) only
2019/01 資料:国連国際法委員会第70会期の審議概要(担当:慣習国際法の同定、一般国際法の強行規範(ユス・コーゲンス)、国家責任に関する国家承継、今会期の全般的評価) 国際法外交雑誌 Vol.117/4 pp.146-177 joint
2018/11 The Constituent Power of the “Imposed” Constitution of Japan: An Amalgam of Internationalized Revolutionary Power and Nationalist Devolutionary Power Yota Negishi Richard Albert, Xenophon Contiades and Alkmene Fotiadou (eds.), The Law and Legitimacy of Imposed Constitutions(Routledge) only
2018/11 The International Law Commission Celebrating Its 70th Anniversary: Dresser le bilan pour l’avenir ‘à venir’ Yota Negishi ESIL Reflections Vol.7/8 pp.1-9 only
2018/11 翻訳:マティアス・クム「グローバル立憲主義の歴史と理論について」 憲法研究 No.3 only
2018/07 Relative authorities: constitutional reasonable resistances against Inter-American Court’s doctrines Yota Negishi Iuris Dictio No.21 pp.49-61 only
2018/04 Homo Oeconomicus or Homo Juridicus? Human Rights as Neoliberal Governmentality of Asian Sovereign States Yota Negishi Diritti umani e diritto internazionale Vol.12/1 pp.127-143 only
2017/12 翻訳:エドゥアルド・フェレル・マック=グレゴル「米州人権裁判所判例における条約適合性統制」 比較法学(早稲田大学) Vol.51/2 pp.285-313 only
2017 Opinio Juris as (the Ultimate) International Secondary Rule of Recognition: Reconciling State Consent and Public Conscience SSRN European Society of International Law Conference Paper Vol.No. 04/2016 pp.1–25 only
2017 The Pro Homine Principle’s Role in Regulating the Relationship between Conventionality Control and Constitutionality Control European Journal of International Law Vol.28/2 pp.457–481 only
2017 Conventionality Control of Domestic ‘Abuse of Power’ Influencing Human Rights and Democracy Italian Yearbook of International Law Vol.26 pp.243–264 only
2016/12 翻訳:イエルグ・ポラキィエビッチ「ヨーロッパの多層的人権保障システム: 挑戦・機会・危険」 比較法学(早稲田大学) Vol.50/2 pp.133-153 only
2016 Distribution of Powers for the Conventionality Control of Domestic Law between Constitutional and Ordinary Courts: Decentralisation and Recentralisation Turkish Journal of Legal Studies Vol.1 pp.77–101 only
2016 The Subsidiarity Principle’s Role in Allocating Competences between Human Rights Courts and States Parties: The Hybrid Model of Centralized and Diffused Conventionality Control of Domestic Law in Armin Von Bogdandy, Flávia Piovesan, e Mariela Morales Antoniazzi (eds.), Direitos humanos e constitucionalismo regional transformador; Ius constitutionale commune na America latina (Juruá Editora) pp.125–160 only
2015 プロ・ホミネ原則に基づく米州人権条約と憲法の関係-ラテン・アメリカ共通憲法の形成に向けて- 国際人権 Vol.26 pp.103–108 only
2014 米州人権条約の実施における賠償義務の機能(1)(2・完) 早稲田大学大学院法研論集 Vol.148–149 only

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