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Publication date Title of presented paper Joint authors Journal name Volume/issue page Remarks
2021/02 Transition of urban crisis management and its consideration Urban Policy Studies No.22 pp.1-10 only
2019/09 Urbanization and relevant issues of national and regional policy UED report No.16 only
2019/01 SDGs、NUAの実現に向け国土・地域計画が果たす役割 人と国土21 Vol.44/5 pp.14-16 only
2019/01 Urban Policy issues in the World Urban Forum Urban Policy Studies No.20 pp.1-9 only
2017/03 都市・都市化に関する世界の潮流(ハビタット) fu+(福岡アジア都市研究所) Vol.17 pp.22-23 only
2017/03 Private Sector Partnership Analysis UN-Habitat only
2017/02 The Global Trend of Urbanization and Urban Growth Urban Policy Studies No.第18 pp.1-8 only
2017/01 都市化による経済成長 vs 国土の均衡ある発展 ・・・ハビタットの議論を踏まえて・・・ 人と国土21 Vol.第42/第5 pp.36 - 40 only
2015/01 第7回世界都市フォーラムの論点と我が国の経験 人と国土21 Vol.第40/第5 pp.16 - 20 only
2014/11 アジアの参加型居住環境整備に学ぶ 人と国土21 Vol.第40/第4 pp.28-32 only
2010/12 Study on urbanization and creative cities in Asia Kyushu Keizaigakai Nenpou No.48 only
2010/11 Study on Urban growth and participatory development for human settlements in Asia Journal of Kyushu University only
2010/09 Asian cities and UN-Habitat Journal of Asian Urbanism only
2010/07 Participatory development process for human settlements in Asia Journal of Architecture and Urban Design, Kyushu University No.18 only
2010/03 UN-Habitat and international cooperation Journal of Asian Urbanism only
2009/12 Study on relationship between inequality and urban growth in Asia kyushu Keizaigakai Nenpou No.47 only
2009/09 Sustainable Development and the State of Asian Cities 2009 World Sustainable City Forum only
2006/01 Toward the formulation of National Spatial Plan Regional development only
2004/11 National development as a member of the East Asian countries JAPIC only
2002/04 International cooperation for city planning City planning only
1999/04 Regional internationalization and national development policy NIRA only
1997/12 Regional Development and Human Resources in Japan APEC Human Resources Development, Institute of Developing Economies only
1997/09 Establishment of Fukuoka office for UN-Habitat Hitotokokudo only
1997/02 Internationalization and regional development IDCJ Forum only
1996/10 Regional internationalization and international organization The Toshi-MONDAI Kenkyu only
1992/12 Study on possibility of the Japanese contribution to international emergency response and assistance Kikan bousai only
1979/02 Study on land use planning based on environmental factors Journal of Hokkaido University only

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