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Publication date Title of presented paper Author Journal name Volume/issue page Remarks
2022/02 Fierce heat and players’ health: Examining the View on Japan High School Baseball Eiji YAMAMURA Sustainability Vol.14/3 pp.1-11 only
2022 Female teachers’ effect on their pupils’ voting behavior and views on female labour force participation CESifo Economic Studies only
2022 Gender Differences in Tournament-Performance Over Time in Single-sex and Mixed-sex Environments Booth, A., Hayashi, R., Yamamura, E. Labour Economics joint
2022 How does the Impact of the COVID-19 State of Emergency Change? An Analysis of Preventive Behaviors and Mental Health Using Panel Data in Japan Yamamura, E., and Tustsui, Y Journal of Japanese and International Economies joint
2022 Long-term effects of female teachers on pupils’ smoking behaviour in adult life Applied Economics Letters only
2021/11 Do You Want Sustainable Olympics? Environment, Disaster, Gender, and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Yamamura, E Sustainability Vol.13/22 pp.12879 only
2021/11 The willingness to pay for a hypothetical vaccine for the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) Tsutsui, Y., Shahrabani, S., Yamamura, E., Hayashi, R., Kohsaka, Y., Ohtake, F International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health joint
2021/08 School closures and mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic in Japan Eiji YAMAMURA, Yoshiro TSUTSUI Journal of Population Economics Vol.34/4 pp.1261-1298 joint
2021/03 Analysis of the implementation of information disclosure ordinances in Japan: the effect on the income of chief executives in local governments" Yamamura, E., Ishida, R. Constitutional Political Economy Vol.32/1 pp.52-67 joint
2021/03 The impact of closing schools on working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic: Evidence using panel data from Japan. Yamamura, E., and Tsutsui, Y Review of Economics of Household Vol.19/1 pp.41-60 joint
2021/02 Spousal gap in age and identity and their impact on the allocation of housework Empirical Economics Vol.60/2 pp.1059-1083 joint
2021 Analysis about Altruistic and selfish motivations: The case of the Hometown Tax Donation system in Japan Yamamura, E., Tsutsui, Y., Ohtake, F Japanese Economic Review joint
2021 Firm-specific human capital in different market conditions: evidence from the Japanese football league YAMAMURA, E and Ohtake, F Japan & The World Economy Vol.58/Article 101068 joint
2021 Racers’ attractive looks, popularity, and performance: How do speedboat racers react to fans’ expectations? Yamamura, E., Tsutsui, Y., Ohtake, F., Hayashi, R. Japanese Economic Review joint
2021 (書評)張 楓 編著 『備後福山の社会経済史 地域がつくる産業・産業がつくる地域』 社会経済史学 Vol.86/4 only
2020/10 The impact of postponing 2020 Tokyo Olympics on the happiness of O-MO-TE-NA-SHI workers in tourism: A consequence of COVID-19 Yamamura, E., Tsutsui, Y Sustainability Vol.12/19 joint
2020/06 Transmission mechanism and gender identity: Smoking behavior between parents and their children of the same gender Yamamura, E. Economics Bulletin Vol.40/2 pp.1667-1674 only
2020/05 Impact of the state of emergency declaration for Covid-19 on preventive behaviours and mental conditions in Japan: Difference in difference analysis using panel data. Eiji Yamamura and Yoshiro Tsutsui Covid Economics Vetted and Real-Time Papers Vol.23/28 pp.303-324 joint
2020/01 Fairness and the unselfish demand for redistribution by taxpayers and welfare recipients Sabatini, F., Ventura, M., Yamamura, E., Zamparelli, L Southern Economic Journal Vol.86/3 pp.971-988 joint
2019/12 Do university sports function as advertising in the Japanese higher education market? An analysis of the Hakone Ekiden long-distance relay road race. Pacific Economic Review Vol.24/5 pp.642-658 only
2019/12 Male pupils taught by female homeroom teachers show a higher preference for Corporate Social Responsibility in adulthood Journal of Japanese and International Economies. Vol.54 joint
2019/08 (書評)徳井丞次 編『日本の地域別生産性と格差ーR-JIPデータベースによる産業別分析ー』 社会経済史学 Vol.85/2 pp.117-118 only
2019 Gender wage gap and its effect on test scores of immigrant students Journal of Economic Studies Vol.46/4 pp.872-887 only
2019 Trade policy preference, childhood sporting experience, and informal school curriculum: an examination of views of the TPP from the viewpoint of behavioral economics Review of International Economics Vol.27/1 pp.61-90 joint
2019 Effects of pregnancy and birth on smoking and drinking behaviors: a comparative study between men and women Yoshiro, Tsutsui Japanese Economic Review Vol.70/2 pp.210-234 joint
2018/12 所得再分配選好の形成分析の展開と展望:反グローバル化時代における格差と人々の意識 (行動経済学会設立10周年記念 特集号) 行動経済学 Vol.11 pp.75-87 only
2018/10 Performance in Mixed-sex and Single-sex Tournaments: What We Can Learn from Speedboat Races in Japan. Booth, A Review of Economics & Statistics Vol.100/4 pp.581-593 joint
2017/12 Identity, Nostalgia and Happiness among Migrants: The Case of the Kōshien High School Baseball Tournament in Japan Pacific Economic Review Vol.22/5 pp.792-813 only
2017/11 Awards for women and girls’ attainment. Science (E-Letters) only
2017/03 Inherited social capital and residential mobility: A study using Japan panel data Yamane, C., Yamane, S., Tsutsui, Y. Economics Bulletin Vol.37/1 pp.579-588 joint
2017 Effect of historical educational level on perceived inequality, preference for redistribution and progressive taxation International Economic Journal Vol.31/3 pp.355-369. only
2017 Comparing the role of height between men and women in the marriage market Yoshiro, Tsutsui Economics & Human Biology Vol.26/C pp.42-50 joint
2016/12 Effects of Female Labor Participation on Smoking Behavior in Japan: Selection Model Approach Journal of Economics and Econometrics Vol.59/3 pp.1-18 only
2016/07 Smokers’ Preference for Divorce and Extramarital Sex. Journal of Economics and Econometrics Vol.59/2 pp.44-76 only
2016/05 Social conflict and redistributive preferences among the rich and the poor: testing the hypothesis of Acemoglu and Robinson Journal of Applied Economics Vol.19/1 pp.41-64 only
2016/01 Comment on “A Business Analysis of Asian Baseball Leagues” Asian Economic Policy Review Vol.11 pp.115-116 only
2016 Effect of consuming imported cultural goods on trading partners' tolerance toward immigrants: The case of Japanese anime in Korea Shin, I. Review of World Economics Vol.152/4 pp.681-703 joint
2016 Social capital, household income, and preferences for income redistribution (Reprinted from European Journal of Political Economy 2012) Chapter 15 in Behaviral Economics of Preferences, Choices, and Happiness (Ikeda, S., Kato, H., Ohtake, F., and Tsutsui, Y. eds) pp.385-412 joint
2016 The effects of the social norm on cigarette consumption: evidence from Japan using panel data (Reprinted from Japan & World Economy 2011) Chapter 11 in Behaviral Economics of Preferences, Choices, and Happiness (Ikeda, S., Kato, H., Ohtake, F., and Tsutsui, Y. eds) pp.255-273 joint
2016 Impact of the Fukushima nuclear accident on obesity of children in Japan (2008-2014) Economics & Human Biology Vol.21 pp.110-121 only
2016 Relative income position and happiness: are cabinet supporters different from others in Japan? Tsutsui, Y., Ohatake, F. Japanese Economic Review. Vol.67/4 pp.383-402 joint
2016 Governors' term of office and information disclosure: Evidence from Japan. Journal of Economics and Econometrics Vol.59/1 pp.48-78 only
2016 Natural disasters and social capital formation: The impact of the Great Hanshin-Awaji earthquake Papers in Regional Science Vol.95/S1 pp.143-164 only
2015/12 Transparency and View Regarding Nuclear Energy Before and After the Fukushima Accident: Evidence on Micro-data Pacific Economic Review Vol.20/5 pp.761–777 only
2015/01 Influence of age of child on differences in life satisfaction of males and females Antonio R. Andrés Journal of Economics and Econometrics Vol.58/1 pp.1-25 joint
2015 Decomposing the effect of height on income in China: The role of market and political channels Economics & Human Biology Vol.19 pp.62-74. joint
2015 Comparison of Social Trust's Effect on Suicide Ideation between Urban and Non-urban Areas: The Case of Japanese Adults in 2006 Social Science & Medicine Vol.140 pp.118-126 only
2015 The impact of the media on voters' attitude toward Junichiro Koizumi and his policy Fabio Sabatini Japan & World Economy Vol.34-35 pp.24-32 joint
2015 Effect of Professional Sports Teams on Social Capital Formation: Comparison Between Football and Baseball in Japan Lee, Young Hoon, Fort, Rodney (Eds.) Part IV in The Sports Business in The Pacific Rim Sports Economics, Management and Policy (Lee Y.H. and Fort, R eds). Vol.10 pp.355-367 joint
2015 The impact of natural disasters on income inequality: Analysis using panel data during the period 1965 to 2004. International Economic Journal Vol. 29/3 pp.359-374. only
2015 Norm for redistribution, social capital, and perceived tax burden: comparison between high- and low-income households Review of Economics and Institutions Vol.6/2 pp.1-27 only
2015 Trust and Happiness: Comparative Study Before and After the Great East Japan Earthquake. Tsutsui, Y., Yamane, C., Yamane, S., Powdthavee, N. Social Indicators Research Vol.123/3 pp.919-935 joint
2015 Effects of siblings and birthorder on income redistribution preferences: Evidence based on Japanese General Social Survey Social Indicators Research Vol.121/2 pp.589-606 only
2015 Wage disparity and team performance in the process of industry development: Evidence from Japan’s professional football league Journal of Sports Economics Vol.16/2 pp.214-223 only
2014 Smokers' sexual behavior and their satisfaction with family life Social Indicators Research Vol.118/3 pp.1229-1247 only
2014 Impact of natural disaster on public sector corruption Public Choice Vol.61/3-4 pp.385-405 only
2014 Is body mass human capital in sumo? Outcome of globalization and formation of human capital in Japan Journal of Japanese and International Economies Vol.31/1 pp.53-71 only
2014 The effect of young children on their parents' anime viewing habits: Evidence from Japanese micro data. Journal of Cultural Economics Vol.38/4 pp.331-449 only
2014 Trust in government and its effect on preferences for income redistribution and perceived tax burden Economics of Governance Vol.15/1 pp.71-101 only
2014 Corruption and perceived risk:A case of the 2011 Fukushima disaster International Journal of Social Economics Vol.41/11 pp.1156-1170 only
2013 Effects of sex preference and social pressure on fertility in changing Japanese families Journal of Socio-Economics Vol.46 pp.97-104 only
2013 Trial experience, satisfaction and incentive to bring another lawsuit: Does aspiration level influence winners and losers? Japan & World Economy Vol.28 pp.125-131 only
2013 Atomic bombs and the long-run effect on trust: Experiences in Hiroshima and Nagasaki Journal of Socio-Economics Vol.46 pp.17-24 only
2013 Public sector corruption and the probability of technological disasters Economics of Governance Vol.14/3 pp.233-255 only
2013 Human Capital Accumulation through Interaction within a Married Couple:Comparison between a Housewife and a Working Wife Mano, Y Asian Economic Journal Vol.27/4 pp.323-339 joint
2013 Institution and decomposition of natural disaster impact on growth Journal of Economic Studies Vol.40/6 pp.720-738 only
2013 Government transparency and expenditure in the rent-seeking industry: The case of Japan for 1998–2004 Kondoh, H Contemporary Economic Policy Vol.31/3 pp.635-647 joint
2013 Natural disasters and participation in volunteer activities: A case study of the Great Hanshin-Awaji earthquake Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics Vol.84/1 pp.103-117 only
2012/11 Charitable giving under inequality aversion and social capital Economics Bulletin Vol.32/4 pp.3140-3147 only
2012/07 Social capital, household income, and preferences for income redistribution European Journal of Political Economy Vol.28/4 pp.498–511. only
2012/07 The cubic form hypothesis and the flying geese pattern hypothesis of income distribution: the case of Korea Shin, I., Kim, H. Theoretical and Empirical Researches in Urban Management Journal Vol.7/3 pp.5-23 joint
2012/05 Heterogeneity, trust, human capital and productivity growth: decomposition analysis Shin, I. Journal of Economics and Econometrics Vol.55/2 pp.51-77 joint
2012 Decomposition of ethnic heterogeneity on growth Shin, I. Comparative Economic Studies Vol.55 pp.59-75 joint
2012 The Death Toll from Natural Disasters: The Role of Income, Geography and Institutions:Comment Economics Bulletin Vol.32/2 pp.1545-1554 only
2012 Modeling Crime in Japan Halicioglu, F., Andrés, A.R. Economic Modelling Vol.29/5 pp.1640-1645 joint
2012 Experience of technological and natural disasters and their impact on the perceived risk of nuclear accidents after the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan 2011: A cross-country analysis. Journal of Socio-Economics Vol.40 pp.360-363 only
2012 The effects of information asymmetry and government size on happiness: A case study from Japan. IUP Journal of Governance and Public Policy Vol.7/1 pp.7-20 only
2012 Does corruption affect suicide? Econometric evidence from OECD countries. Andrés, A.R.and Katsaiti,M.S. Atlantic Economic Journal Vol.40 pp.133-145 joint
2012 Frequency of contact with foreigners in a homogenous society: perceived consequences of foreigner increases Japanese Economy Vol.39/2 pp.37-48 only
2012 Groups and information disclosure: Olson and Putnam Hypotheses International Journal of Social Economics Vol.39/6 pp.423-439 only
2012 Influence of body image in urbanized areas: Differences in long-term changes in teenage body mass index between boys and girls in Japan Journal of Bioeconomics Vol.14/3 pp.243-256 only
2012 Effect of free media on views regarding nuclear energy after the Fukushima accident Kyklos Vol.65/1 pp.131-140 only
2012 The effect of social trust on achievement test performance of students in Japan, Applied Economics Letters Vol.19/7 pp.645-648 only
2012 Effect of Linguistic Heterogeneity on Technology Transfer: An Economic Study of FIFA Football Rankings Atlantic Economic Journal Vol.40/1 pp.85-99 only
2012 An Investigation into the Positive Effect of an Educated Wife on her Husband’s Earnings Mano, Y. International Advances in Economic Research Vol.18/4 pp.409-416 joint
2012 Government Size and Trust Review of Social Economy Vol.71/1 pp.31-56 only
2011/06 The role of social trust in reducing long-term truancy and forming human capital in Japan Economics of Education Review Vol.30/2 pp.380-389 only
2011/05 Decomposition of the effect of government size on growth Economics Letters Vol.112/3 pp.230-232 only
2011/02 The effects of the social norm on cigarette consumption: evidence from Japan using panel data Japan & World Economy Vol.23/1 pp.6-12 only
2011/02 Game Information, Local Heroes, and Their Effect on Attendance: The Case of the Japanese Baseball League Journal of Sports Economics Vol.12 pp.20-35 only
2011 Corruption and Fertility:Evidence from OECD countries Journal of Economics and Econometrics Vol.54/2 pp.34-57.
2011 Differences in the effect of social capital on health status between workers and non-workers International Review of Economics Vol.58/4 pp.385-400 only
2011 Public education spending and outcomes: puzzle of skipping and completing school IUP Journal of Public Finance. Vol.9/3 pp.34-40 only
2011 The influence of government size on economic growth and life satisfaction. A case study from Japan Japanese Economy Vol.38/4 pp.28-64 only
2011 What discourages participation in the lay judge system (Saiban’in Seido) of Japan? Interaction between the secrecy requirement and social networks Japanese Economy Vol.38/3 pp.92-119 only
2011 Effects of husband’s education and family structure on labor force participation and married Japanese women’s earnings Mano, Y. Japanese Economy Vol.38/3 pp.71-91 joint
2011 How do neighbors influence investment in social capital? : Homeownership and length of residence International Advances in Economic Research Vol.17/4 pp.451-464 only
2011 Socieconomic determinants of suicide in Japan Andrés, A.R., Halicioglu, F., Journal of Socio-economics Vol.40/6 pp.723-731 joint
2011 Comparison of the effects of homeownership by individuals and their neighbors on social capital formation: Evidence from Japanese General Social Surveys Journal of Socio-economics Vol.40/5 pp.637-644 only
2011 Different effects of social capital on health status among residents: evidence from modern Japan. Journal of Socio-economics Vol.40/5 pp.475-479 only
2011 How are social ties formed? : Interaction of neighborhood and individual immobility. Journal of Socio-economics Vol.40/5 pp.472-474 only
2011 Homeownership and investment for social capital in Japan: Dynamic Panel approach Economics Bulletin Vol.31/3 pp.2250-2259 only
2011 Positive externalities of congestion on health: A case study of chronic illness in Japan for the period 1988-2009 Theoretical and Empirical Researches in Urban Management journal Vol.6/3 pp.15-34 only
2011 ’Brand’ and performance in a new environment: Analysis of the law school market in Japan Atlantic Economic Journal Vol.39/2 pp.155-164 only
2011 Effects of social norms and fractionalization on voting behavior in Japan Applied Economics Vol.43/11 pp.1385-1398 only
2010/09 Learning effect and social capital: A case study of natural disaster from Japan Regional Studies  Vol.44/8 pp.1019-1032 only
2010/08 How Do Female Spouses’ Political Interests Affect Male Spouses’ Views About a Women’s Issue?" Atlantic Economic Journal Vol.38/3 pp.359-370 only
2010/07 The different impacts of socio-economic factors on suicide between males and females Applied Economics Letters Vol.17 pp.1009-1012 only
2010/07 Institutional change, competitive pressure and over-influential professors: The new Japanese bar examination Journal of Advanced Research in Law and Economics Vol.1 pp.67-82 only
2010/06 The effect of learning varies according to locality: Micro data analysis of the lawyer market in Japan Japan & World Economy Vol.22 pp.193-197 only
2009/10 Dynamics of social trust and human capital in the learning process: The case of the Japan garment cluster in the period 1968-2005(査読) Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization Vol.72/1 pp.377-389 only
2009/08 Formal and informal deterrents of crime in Japan: Roles of police and social capital revisited(査読) Journal of Socio-Economics Vol.38/4 pp.611-621 only
2009/07 Rethinking rational addictive behavior and demand for cinema: A study using Japanese panel data(査読) Applied Economics Letters Vol.16/7 pp.693-697 only
2009/06 Effects of income inequality on growth through efficiency improvement and capital accumulation(査読) International Economic Journal Vol.23/2 pp.237-258 joint
2009/02 Technology transfer and convergence of performance: An economic study of FIFA football ranking(査読) Applied Economics Letters Vol.16/3 pp.261-266 only
2009 Social interaction effect on interleague play attendance: The case of the Japan professional baseball league Gregory Tripp, Michael Payne and Dimitrus Diodorus (eds). Social Capital Nova Science Publishers pp.289-302 joint
2009 The role of social capital in homogeneous societies: Review of recent research in Japan Gregory Tripp, Michael Payne and Dimitrus Diodorus (eds). Social Capital pp.269-388 joint
2009 Convergence, clustering and their effects on attendance in the Japan professional baseball league Shin,I Applied Economics Vol.41/25 pp.3257-3265 joint
2009 Impact of formal and informal deterrents on crime Journal of Socio-economics Vol.38/4 pp.611-621 only
2008/12 The market for lawyers and social capital: Are informal rules a substitute for formal ones?(査読) Review of Law & Economics Vol.4/1 pp.499-517 only
2008/12 Diffusion of home computers and social networks: A study using Japanese panel data(査読) Applied Economics Letters Vol.15/15 pp.1231-1235 only
2008/11 Socio-economic effects on increased cinema attendance: The case of Japan(査読) Journal of Socio-economics Vol.37/6 pp.2546-2555 only
2008/11 Impact of formal and informal deterrents on driving behavior(査読) Journal of Socio-economics Vol.37/6 pp.2505-2512 only
2008/09 Team payroll, competitive balance, and team performance in the Japan professional baseball league: A study using 1993-2004 panel data(査読) Empirical Economics Letters Vol.7/9 pp.909-916 only
2008/09 The effects of inequality, fragmentation, and social capital on collective action in a homogeneous society: Analyzing responses to the 2005 Japan Census(査読) Journal of Socio-Economics Vol.37/5 pp.2054-2058 only
2008/07 Determinants of trust in a racially homogeneous society(査読) Economics Bulletin Vol.26/1 pp.1-9 only
2008/07 The influence of a leader and social interaction on attendance: The case of the Japanese professional baseball league, 1952-2003(査読) Shin,I Journal of Socio-Economics Vol.37/4 pp.1412-1426 joint
2008/05 The benefit of efficiency improvement on growth and convergence: A study using Japan panel data(査読) Shin,I Economics Letters Vol.99/1 pp.209-211 joint
2007/12 Dynamics of agglomeration economies and regional industrial structure: The case of the assembly industry of the greater Tokyo Region, 1960-2000(査読) Shin,I Structural Change and Economic Dynamics Vol.18/4 pp.483-499 joint
2007/12 Technological change and catch-up and capital deepening: Relative contributions to growth and convergence: comment(査読) Shin,I Economics Bulletin Vol.15/3 pp.1-8 joint
2007/03 (調査)児島縫製業産地研究:追加調査のトリップレポート 西南学院大学経済学論集 Vol.41/4 pp.53-61 only
2006/09 (資料)日本プロ野球改革と韓国プロスポーツ産業市場:地域開発と日韓プロ野球産業再生への道 西南学院大学経済学論集 Vol.41/2 pp.101-126 only
2006/03 (調査)児島縫製業産地研究:調査票プレテストおよび本調査のトリップレポート 西南学院大学経済学論集 Vol.40/4 pp.107-147 only
2006/01 企業間生存競争と産業発展プロセス ―戦後日本オートバイ産業の発展, 1948-1964年―(査読) 経済研究 Vol.57/1 pp.30-44 only
2005/10 (資料)児島縫製業産地研究:調査票の構造と目的 西南学院大学経済学論集 Vol.40/2 pp.85-97 only
2005/10 (寄書)日本プロ野球産業の行方と 「市場の声」 西南学院大学経済学論集 Vol.40/2 pp.63-83 only
2005/07 中国内陸部産業の生産効率の変化と輸出拡大過程― 重慶オートバイ産業の事例 1995-2001 ―(査読) 申寅容 アジア経済 Vol.46/7 pp.34-53 joint
2005/06 教育システムのメカニズム・デザインとその効果 (Ⅰ)-経済地理試験成績の決定因に関する若干の考察- 西南学院大学経済学論集 Vol.40/1 pp.67-90 only
2005/05 Time path in innovation, imitation, and growth: the case of the motorcycle industry in postwar Japan(査読) Sonobe, T Otsuka, K Journal of Evolutionary Economics Vol.15/2 pp.169-186 joint
2005/01 児島縫製業産地研究第一次予備調査トリップレポート 西南学院大学経済学論集 Vol.39/3 pp.259-277 only
2005 社会的信頼,人的資本,そして学習効果のダイナミクス ― 備後縫製業産地の発展と変容を事例に ― 経済研究 Vol.56/2 pp.111-122 only
2004/09 集積の経済と立地選択の返還過程-関東市区レベルの加工組立5産業の事例-(査読) 日本経済研究 No.50 pp.105-123 only
2004/06 新しい地域開発学に向けて―共同体的慣習と経済的効率性― 西南学院大学経済学論集 Vol.39/1 pp.299-366 only
2004/02 空間的企業生存モデル-日本の産業発展プロセスの事例研究(査読) (東京都立大学) 博士号学位論文   only
2004/01 集積経済と企業生存競争、 そして産業発展:展望 後編 産業の発展サイクル論 西南学院大学経済学論集 Vol.38/3 pp.241-276 only
2003/12 経済成長と都市圏形成のスピード(査読) 申寅容 応用地域学研究 Vol.8/2 pp.57-67 joint
2003/09 集積経済と企業生存競争、 そして産業発展:展望 前編 立地論と産地論 西南学院大学経済学論集 Vol.38/2 pp.139-169 only
2003/01 Human capital, cluster formation, and international relocation: the case of the garment industry in Japan, 1968--98 Sonobe, T., Otsuka, K Journal of Economic Geography Vol.3/1 pp.37-56 joint
2002 人的資本と産地の発展サイクル―備後地方における縫製業産地を事例として― 社会経済史学 Vol.68/3 pp.65-81 only

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