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For the search "S" through character button data18hits.

Name position Faculty/Department Subject of research
SAGAMI YUICHI Professor Department of Economics・Division of Economics 金融市場の理論的分析,金融論と理論経済学,optimal design fo...
SAIGO MASAHIKO Professor School of Law・School of Law
SAITO CHIZUKO Professor Department of Theology・Division of Theology
SAITO YASUSHI Professor Department of Commerce・Division of Business Administration
SAITO YOSHIHIRO Professor Department of Law・Division of Law 統治行為論,The Right of Assembly and Public Property,憲法...
SAKAI MICHIHO Professor Department of Literature・Division of English Literature 20世紀アメリカ小説,American Women Writers,アメリカ南部文学
Sakota Akira Professor School of Law・School of Law,Department of Law・Division of International Relations Law

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